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A little bit about Ron. . .

I like to think of myself as a person in exile. After my heady post-seminary days, I have watched as the church has become more marginalized with each passing year. Oddly enough, I have not become discouraged over my 34 years in ministry by these developments. I believe that if the church is ever to return to relevance it must recover the contemplative (mystical) traditions of the early centuries of the Christian faith. As Karl Rahner said, “Christians of the future will either be mystics or cease to be.”

My exile has come about even as I have continued to serve churches in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, London and Bath, England and New York. My seminary education prepared me for serving the institutional church in the final decade of the twentieth century. I carried my intellectual training to my pastorates. But Bernard McGinn reminds us that the institutional/intellectual church lacks ‘the vitality that comes from the interior experience of the presence of God.’

In my final years of ministry, whether serving within the church or in retirement, I want to speak to how I have come to a direct experience God through the writings of the Christian mystics and my twenty-two year practice of Christian meditation. I believe if the Christian church is to remain significant and in an increasingly secular society it must become a church of the heart more than a church of the head.

Rev Ron In Exile

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